Episode 10: Inspiring Futures in STEM Fields with Deshjuana Bagley

November 16 | tech's potential

In this episode of Tech’s Potential, Deshjuana Bagley, or simply Desh, shares how she envisions a future in which we are all creators—not just consumers—of technology, and how she designs programs aimed at inspiring futures in STEM fields.

Desh describes her personality as straightforward and direct. When Desh learned in college she could program commands and see a computer execute them without talking back, she knew a career in computer science would suit her perfectly.

This passion for computer science blossomed into a personal mission that has guided her career for over three decades: to help people see their worth, value, and abilities, and take them to the next level through technology.

Desh is a STEM advocate and visionary who has been recognized globally for using robotics to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills among students of all ages, leading them to majors and careers in STEM fields. Not to mention, she and her husband leveraged their backgrounds in computer science to raise five children who all have their own master’s degrees in computer science.