Episode 11: Hiring Veterans in Tech with Aleksandra Johnston

December 14 | tech's potential

Hiring veterans in tech can make all the difference for military service members who are facing unique challenges transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce. As a military spouse, Aleksandra Johnston knows firsthand how lonely it can be to leave a tight-knit community for a new professional network or geographic location where you’re an unknown entity.

Johnston is a deputy director for SkillBridge, the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, for which she leads efforts to help veterans find new opportunities— including many in Florida, where there is a high concentration of companies interested in employing veterans with tech skills. Through a fellowship program and relationship-building with roughly 300 employers nationwide, Johnston’s team at SkillBridge helps veterans identify their ideal civilian career path and facilitate a smooth transition.

Learn more about SkillBridge and how your company can get involved in this episode of Tech’s Potential.

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