Episode 4: Social Venturing & Community College Entrepreneurship Education

May 25 | tech's potential

You don’t have to start a business to be an entrepreneur. That’s the idea behind the Innovation Lab at Hillsborough Community College (InLab@HCC), where program founders specifically left “entrepreneur” out of the name in hopes of reaching as many students as possible with the entrepreneurial competencies that will allow them to be more competitive in the workforce. In this episode of Tech’s Potential, Mary Beth Kerly and Dr. Andrew “Andy” Gold, business professors and founders of the InLab@HCC, share how they leverage the inclusive nature of a community college to successfully deliver a unique, 21st-century education; offer programs and funding to support founders in the earliest stages of business development; and accelerate the success of veteran entrepreneurs. Plus, hear why NASA turned to the InLab@HCC for a conversation in which few community colleges would ever have the chance to participate.

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Episode 11: Hiring Veterans in Tech with Aleksandra Johnston

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