Episode 7: Cultivating the Inventive Mindset with Stephanie Bailes

August 09 | tech's potential

A trusted collaborator and connector of The Corridor, The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention is more than a museum—it’s a haven for innovation, a community-building resource and an institution with a passion for invention at its core. The Cade’s story begins with Dr. James Robert Cade, lead inventor of Gatorade. He instilled his drive for innovation in his children at an early age and that everyone has the innate ability to create. With this foundation, the Cade Museum teaches STEAM through the lens of invention to kids and adults alike.

In this episode, Stephanie Bailes, president and CEO of the Cade in Gainesville, Florida, shares how the Cade’s mission to transform communities by cultivating the inventive mindset.

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