The term “high tech” usually brings images of laboratory scientists or software coders to mind, but leaders at QuantumFlo view things a bit differently.

“It runs the gamut. It’s for anybody that has a unique skill; it’s not just for someone who can create a web app or write code,” explained President and CEO David Carrier of the Sanford-based firm.

Out-of-the-box thinking is baked into the core of QuantumFlo, a global leader in delivery of intelligent pump system technology in the mature industry of manufacturing, fabrication and assembly.

“The value for those in our industry lies in offering more than just another product,” said Carrier, whose business stands among a booming market for intelligent pumps expected to reach global valuation of $1.3 billion by 2027. “We want to distinguish ourselves, and the only way to do that is to innovate and do things differently.”

This passion for innovation is harnessed by every member of the QuantumFlo team. Through integration of robotics and cutting-edge technology that eases the burden of more mundane fabrication tasks, they are free to use their creative brainpower to work toward the next technological breakthrough.

It is an open-minded approach to operations that has been crucial to QuantumFlo’s success, extending back to its founding in 2007. Prior to launching QuantumFlo, Carrier had partnered with another similar company which produced variable speed plumbing solutions. Realizing the potential to enhance the use of technology to allow for innovation of more holistic pump solutions, rather than siloed components, Carrier founded QuantumFlo with the vision to become a worldwide leader in variable speed pumping technology … and he succeeded.

Nearly 15 years into the company’s history, QuantumFlo is internationally recognized as a key player in the global intelligent pump market, counts Bank of America and Walmart Inc., amongst its roster of client success stories, and recently expanded into a state-of-the-art, 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Sanford, Florida. The facility has allowed QuantumFlo to become a fully vertically integrated company, housing all operations – including production of packaged pumping systems, stainless steel fabrication, creation of high-voltage controllers and more – under one roof.

As Carrier shared, “We even write our own software that runs the machines. We do it all.”

As part of its continued efforts to raise the bar for the pump system market, QuantumFlo introduced the industry’s first five-year factory warranty for pressure boosters, ensuring unmatched quality and value for the end user.

Investing in Innovation

With continued success and expansion comes a growing need for talent, and QuantumFlo is seeking to expand its team of innovators. However, in contrast to more mainstream recruitment strategies, the company looks beyond the title of a position that needs to be filled; instead, the team focuses on finding the right individual to fill it.

QuantumFlo’s ethos of creating “exponential innovation from the ground up” has allowed Carrier to build a multidisciplinary team of creative, forward-thinking individuals dedicated to “putting their stamp on history” as they work to develop next-generation hardware and software pump solutions, designed to operate at maximum efficiency while enhancing operational sustainability for commercial and industrial clients around the globe.

For Carrier, investment in his people extends far beyond the signing of paychecks and production bonuses. The team at QuantumFlo invests heavily in cross-training of its employees, ensuring that horizons remain open for all within the company. For example, the company’s current robotics technician originally joined QuantumFlo with a background in welding. When the company integrated a new robotics-powered manufacturing cell for assembly of its hardware’s core components – a move that has increased operational efficiency up to 20 times over – Carrier enrolled the budding professional in software and programming training.

“Aaron started with us when he was almost 20 years old. One year later, he was learning a technological trade beyond welding and fabrication, a new skill that he continually improves daily, as we add additional capabilities to that cell.”

Industry Leader, Startup Mindset

Carrier encourages his team to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude, ensuring his employees can truly become a part of the products they create. After all, it was the impetus for the creation of the company!

“So many of the ideas for innovations we’ve created came from within … they came from our people,” Carrier shared. “Everyone is involved in the solution.”

Research shows that the multifaceted benefits of securing buy-in and active involvement from a diverse group of team members have tangible, positive effects not only on an individual’s professional fulfillment, but also on the power the contribution holds for their leader’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. According to Gallup, highly engaged employees deliver significantly better outcomes, are more likely to stay with their current place of employment and, ultimately, experience less burnout. The catch? Employees aren’t likely to reach that level of engagement unless they feel invested in their work and understand how their work contributes to the success of the company, and to the advancement of their industry as a whole.

Fortunately for current and future employees of QuantumFlo, Carrier places team engagement at the forefront of every new project, product or initiative, which has resulted in an average employment length of five years, surpassing the median number of years workers typically stay with their employers. “We want people who want to build a great product but, more importantly, want to build a great company along with us.”

If you’re interested in learning more about QuantumFlo and potential opportunities with Carrier’s team – including current openings for a Robotic Cell Programmer/Fabricator and Digital Marketing Coordinator – reach out today by sending a resume to

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