The Corridor Releases 2021–2022 Annual Report

September 09 | impact reports

Unleashing the Region’s Expotential

This 2021–2022 Annual Report explores the connections, exploration and growth we experienced his past year. We continued working “on the business,” taking stock of our resources and related strategies to enable the research and development of technologies with a purpose. We formed new partnerships and doubled down on existing partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem’s connective tissue. We scaled our team to meet the need for not only a growing cluster initiative, but also an expanding set of university and industry research programs. And we convened partners around new and transformative federal award opportunities to increase the economic competitiveness of our region and our state.

All of this happened on the heels of our 25th anniversary year, which we celebrated in a big way with support from our university partners and the community. The Corridor’s legacy has been nothing short of historic, and it could not have happened without you.

Our innovation community is expanding exponentially right now, with a renewed sense of hope and energy as we recover from a few challenging years of the pandemic. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many of you in person to experience the excitement firsthand and meet the people driving change in
our ecosystem.

In this annual report, I invite you to read about the achievements from this past year that are building momentum and accelerating our collective success.

We’re on a mission to unleash the region’s expotential, and I hope you will join us in building the future.

Paul A. Sohl, Rear Adm. USN (ret)
CEO, Florida High Tech Corridor

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2021–2022 annual report for the Florida High Tech Corridor

The Florida High Tech Corridor Posts 2020–2021 Annual Report

This past year, we have continued to persevere together in tremendous fashion. While fueling the growth of legacy programs like our Matching Grants Research Program and stemCONNECT, we sponsored research to combat COVID-19, expanded access to critical entrepreneurial resources, launched economic diversification initiatives, made important technology concepts more accessible to future generations, and more.