The Florida High Tech Corridor Posts 2020–2021 Annual Report

October 01 | impact reports

I credit retired U.S. Marine Corps General Jim Mattis’ advice to “listen, learn, help, then lead” for guiding my approach to the first year as CEO of the Florida High Tech Corridor. Since joining the organization, my mission has been to learn about The Corridor’s legacy over the past 25 years and find meaningful ways to continue that legacy as we lead the organization into its 26th year and beyond. Read on through our 2020–2021 annual report for more about this mission.

In countless conversations with stakeholders, I have learned a lot about our strengths, including The Corridor’s regional perspective and engaged network. I’ve also been energized in conversations with stakeholders and community partners who are ready to help us implement modern approaches and tackle big challenges limiting the region from reaching its full potential. While I will never stop listening and learning, I am confident in our position today to help and lead, and excited for you to read highlights in this report of work that has already begun.

Even through all the trials that challenged the strength of our region and our world, we have continued to persevere together in tremendous fashion. While fueling the growth of legacy programs like our Matching Grants Research Program and stemCONNECT, we sponsored research to combat COVID-19, expanded access to critical entrepreneurial resources, launched economic diversification initiatives, made important technology concepts more accessible to future generations, and more.

The resilience of our team and our many partners has been admirable and offers so much promise for the future of our Corridor region. I am incredibly honored to step into that future with all of you.

In your service,
Paul Sohl, Rear Adm. USN (ret)
CEO, Florida High Tech Corridor