A storied legacy of aerospace achievements. A burgeoning biotechnology hub. A community of IT experts. And more. Find it all here in the heart of a top state for innovation. Endless business and career opportunities exist in The Corridor’s 10 high-tech industry clusters targeted for growth:

Clustering activities offer many benefits, with expanded economic opportunities and increased jobs not the least among them. In partnership with Orange County Government and a world‐renowned consultant with expertise in competitive industry cluster formation, we are leading Cenfluence – Central Florida Cluster Initiative – a critical component of the county’s broader economic stimulus strategy.

To start, this work includes roundtable meetings, surveys, interviews, and market research with hundreds of local organizations aligned with each targeted industry sector. Over time, we are identifying resources and supporting the development of cluster management organizations to establish partnerships, trade strategies, and build sustainability plans with Cluster Members.

Learn more about Cenfluence and how to become a Cluster Member.

A regional economic development initiative of: