stemCONNECT: Cultivating Future Tech Leaders

Connecting the dots between textbook and reality is vital for inspiring K-12 students to study STEM subjects as they prepare for related careers later in life. The Corridor’s signature educational program, stemCONNECT, inspires middle school and high school students to pursue STEM careers by connecting them with professionals in the field.

With online video conferencing tools, subject-matter experts from across the region offer presentations and tours of their workplaces to teach students how their classroom lessons could lead to high tech career opportunities in Florida.

stemCONNECT also partners with local school systems to train teachers on integrating the platform into their curriculum, as well as share information about the latest technology trends and advancements.

By showcasing the diverse applications of STEM education in key sectors from aerospace to biotechnology, stemCONNECT helps students realize new possibilities for their future.

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