The Orange County Cluster Initiative establishes organizations within a formal cluster structure with all the benefits that clustering activities have to offer, resulting in expanded economic opportunities and increased job opportunities for Central Florida.

The Cluster Initiative Team works with local organizations (Cluster Members) aligned with each targeted industry sector to leverage synergies within the cluster community, existing regional strengths and a well-established global network in order to address the specific needs of Central Florida businesses.

4 Key Industry Clusters were selected as the initial clusters for this initiative. Additional key industry clusters will be phased in over time as critical mass is achieved. So, if your industry is not represented yet, please check back periodically!


As members of the Orange County Cluster Initiative, businesses have access to resources, guidance and events that can generate opportunities, increase visibility and accelerate product and service development.

Business support

Provide targeted business services that support the growth of Cluster Members.

Research & development

Establish new opportunities for collaborative R&D between industry and the research community.


Realize industry specific opportunities based on synergies and economies of scale.


Foster innovation between facilitators of innovation and industry.


Build international awareness and alliances through cluster representation.

There is no membership fee requested thanks to the generous support of Orange County.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the membership process or wish to receive further information on the Clusters and their activities.

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