Speak with a cancer survivor, feel the rumble of a rocket launch or savor a fresh Florida orange and you will instantly realize the innovation capacity of our high tech workforce.

Marked by an existing talent pool of over 750,000 people with a bachelor’s degree or higher in STEM fields and 100,000 students graduating annually from three research universities, and 14 state and community colleges, The Corridor’s workforce is equipped to meet demands for experienced talent with advanced skills.

As well, with about 600 new technology establishments opening their doors annually in our region alone, we must remain committed to sustaining growth. Bridging the gap between academia and high tech industry, our work complements the efforts of the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF) to fortify the region’s talent pipeline.

Talent Acquisition & Career Development

Several workforce development boards, professional associations and special events serve the region’s businesses with countless resources for talent recruitment and development.

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Higher Education

Home to three leading research universities and 14 state and community colleges, The Corridor offers endless partnership opportunities to recruit and enhance your workforce.

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Early Talent Pipeline

Learn more about our programs to strengthen the talent pipeline and about the K-12 public schools serving our region.

STEM Education

A regional economic development initiative of: