Episode 5: Cultivating Cross-Industry Collaboration with Adrian Lannon and Austin Pinzon, A Square Games and Simulation

June 15 | tech's potential

If you think making games is as simple as playing games, think again. The serious business of game development can be fiercely competitive as companies on technology’s cutting edge strive to capture market share and innovate to keep up with player demands. Cultivating cross-industry collaboration is what makes Orlando’s gaming industry so unique.

Take it from Co-Founders Adrian Lannon and Austin Pinzon of A Square Games and Simulation. In episode five of Tech’s Potential, they explain how partnerships and co-located offices with other game developers has, in fact, benefitted their business. As participants in hack-a-thon style game jam events, the duo has also experienced firsthand how collaboration with other industries, such as defense and health care, allows them to meet prospective talent and clients, and explore new avenues for business development. As Austin explains, “Not everyone can be an expert in everything … collaboration is very important.”