If your company’s activities are related to one or more of the following Clusters, we encourage you to complete the simple application process for becoming a formal Cluster Member:

Life Sciences

Life Sciences – a focus on specialty pharma, tissue engineering, medical devices,
diagnostics, mental health, destination therapeutics and telemedicine

Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences & Human Performance – a focus on mental wellbeing, sports
performance, organizational development and cognitive sciences

Gaming Entertainment Sports

Gaming, Entertainment & eSports – a focus on virtual/augmented reality, video game
design, attraction design and mobile app development

Energy And Environmental Sciences

Energy & Environmental Sciences – a focus on water science, HVAC systems, turbines,
distributed grid, PV/solar-thermal and energy storage

Membership Commitment

In order to ensure the Cluster Team is able to provide effective Services & Activities that meet the needs and interests of the Members, it is important that the Members agree to the following:

  • To be open and forthcoming with company nonproprietary information when requested
    by the Cluster Team;
  • To be open to and willing to pursue collaborative opportunities in the region that may support their company’s interests and needs;
  • To conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism when interacting with other Members and non-Members, and when representing the Cluster at regional, national
    and international events;
  • To maintain an updated company profile on the Cluster website;
  • To inform the Cluster Team by email of any changes in company contact information
    in a reasonable period;
  • To respond to the Cluster Team’s communications concerning potential opportunities, services and activities in a reasonable period;
  • To renew Membership, if desired, within the specified period when requested by the
    Cluster Team;
  • To inform the Cluster Team by email at least 60 days prior to withdrawing your Membership.

Membership Fee

There is no Membership Fee required for an initial period thanks to generous funding provided by Orange County.

Additional sponsorships will be pursued to meet the operating needs of this initiative in the mid-term. If sponsors are not retained, it is the intent of the Cluster Team to request a nominal Membership Fee. If at any time a membership fee becomes necessary, the Cluster Team will provide at least 90 days’ notice to all Members; thus, allowing proper time to renew or cancel their Membership.

Terms of Agreement

By completing the Company Profile Application through the below link, your company is agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.

Please complete the Company Profile Application that provides the necessary information to confirm your company is a good fit as a Cluster Member and to ensure your company benefits from the Cluster Services and Activities.

There is no membership fee requested thanks to the generous support of Orange County.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the membership process or wish to receive further information on the Clusters and their activities.

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