Adam Kinsey aspires to leave a legacy. 

Looking at who has the most influence on the world and who is able to make positive change, it’s the people who understand how to make things,” said Kinsey, Verigo CEOThat’s why I decided to be an engineer when I entered college. 

As a University of Florida (UF) electrical engineering student, Kinsey conducted research for a Miami seafood company that threw away hundreds of pounds of spoiled salmon due to errors in the supply chain. Hsoon realized the same issues were being repeated by many other businesses, resulting in excess waste around the world.   

When I saw what was happening in the supply chain and the unbelievable magnitude of waste … about $10 billion worth of product in North America that could be used not only to feed those who are malnourished, but also that somebody has spent their livelihood investing in and creating … it really made an impact on me,” said Kinsey. 

While honing his skills as an intern for Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments, Kinsey mulled over solutions for the world’s waste problemHe was certain businesses would adopt the latest Internet of Things technology to improve supply chain efficiencyUpon graduation from UF, however, Kinsey realized no competitors had emerged. He took a chance on his ideand launched Verigo. 

A client of the UF Innovation Hub, the startup’s technology allows businesses to monitor and manage the quality of their perishable products as they travel from producer to consumer. Verigo’s Pods are sensors that can be placed in boxes carrying anything from exotic fruit to biological therapies, are slightly larger than a USB flash drive. Pods monitor environmental metrics, such as temperature and humidity, which employees can see in real time on Verigo’s mobile application and quickly correct problems.   

According to Kinsey, more than $2 billion worth of North America’s perishable products could be saved if businesses applied a technology like Verigo to their supply chain. Its potential has already been realized by investors, including the Florida Institute for Commercialization of Public Research, and partners in 12 countries who are helping sell the solution.   

I truly have a passion for what we’re doing; I want to take a huge chunk out of what we’re wasting,” said Kinsey. That’s the driving force behind this.  I want to see this change brought about in the world.   

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