From the misunderstood monster of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” to the femme fatale of “Ex Machina,” our ideas and perceptions surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) vary just as wildly as its applications.

As it becomes more prevalent in our lives, AI historian, author and creative HP Newquist aims to help people of all ages become more familiar with the technology. His latest traveling exhibit, “Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine,” was designed to demystify AI while educating visitors about its potential to change the world.

Through a unique partnership with The Corridor Council’s stemCONNECT, 612 teachers and students from 14 elementary, middle and high schools were among the first to see this exhibit Sept. 14 prior to its debut at the Orlando Science Center. Using stemCONNECT’s web-based video conferencing tools, students followed Newquist on a tour, interacting with examples of practical AI, including an “intelligent piano player” that can make anyone sound like a virtuoso, a “real-time” painter that creates images of visitors in classical art styles and applications that try to guess visitors’ emotions and ages.

“Kids are certain to work with AI in the years to come, from self-driving cars to digital personal assistants that will help them with their homework,” said Newquist. “Adults are already trying to make sense of it. Our goal is to give every visitor an introduction to AI that helps them understand what the technology will mean to them.”

This partnership is just one example of the special sessions initiated by stemCONNECT that bring new and exciting technologies into classrooms across The Corridor region. By exposing K-12 students to the firsthand accounts of high tech experts, it strives to reinforce the importance of STEM education and cultivate our next-generation workforce.

“Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & The Machine” will be on display at the Orlando Science Center from Sept. 14, 2019 – Jan. 5, 2020. To learn more, visit:

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