The Corridor continues to thrive as local companies and innovation grow. Talent is imperative to that growth as new jobs and opportunities could dwindle if people with appropriate skills don’t exist to fill them.

Filling the talent pipeline of tomorrow starts by introducing students to concepts in science, technology, engineering and math at a young age – and making it fun. That’s where Marina Jarova comes in.

As co-founder of Integral Academy, a tutoring center in Palm Coast, she and other teachers give students in kindergarten through college the confidence to master math and excel. Instructors teach one-on-one, in groups and even via webcams. The student’s pride is apparent when a correct answer for the area of an object is confirmed – and determined without using a calculatorThat pride and understanding is key to continue building from a strong foundation in math.

“I always knew I was going to be a teacher,” said Marina.

After emigrating from Russia at age 16 and earning her master’s degree with a specialty in mathematics, she worked as a math coach for Daytona State College before joining Flagler County District SchoolsWorking as a math coach there too, she provided teachers with strategies that they could use to teach students math skills.

The opportunity to open Integral Academy stemmed from a partnership with co-founder Galina Stingel who had a similar experience. Together, they created a place to encourage and help students succeed in math, reading, engineering, language, test preparation, music and more.

Parents and students love the center stating they enjoy coming to class. In one instance, mother and daughter are learning Russian together to better connect with a large Russian population in their community.

Integral Academy is poised to help shape the future of high tech jobs in our region. Something Marina and Galina did not set out to do, but are happy to contribute to the community and region in that way.


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