Rewired Solutions’ newest chief technology officer (CTO) has come full circle. From teaching himself how to program and encouraging others to do the same, Kyle Dolan now works to develop software for one of the nation’s most efficient tools to recruit talent for scaling businesses.

Kyle was interested in computers from an early age. He had access to the latest technology through his grandmother, who worked at Lucent Technologies, and his curiosity – coupled with the training he received at the Sarasota Military Academy – bolstered an entrepreneurial spirit.

“In school, I was always building my own computers and developing tech skills,” Kyle said. “But the JROTC Program really had an impact because it taught me leadership, ownership and accountability.”

As the former chief executive officer of WebFab, a software solutions agency that was recently acquired by Rewired, Kyle implemented a continuous improvement model to steer the company in a more product-oriented direction. When the two organizations realized they were already working symbiotically, the natural progression was to join forces. In Kyle’s words, “It’s just better. Here, one plus one equals three.” With combined energy and passion for their product, the Rewired team is evolving to assist everyone who should need their services – from large corporations to smaller enterprises.

Rewired Solutions offers data-driven job recruiting techniques that are efficient, scalable and cost-effective through a thorough vetting process that respects employers’ time and is more empathetic to job seekers. “What we strive to do is quickly qualify or disqualify a candidate and be as respectful to them as we are to the customer,” Kyle explained. “The end result is a smaller stack of hyperqualified candidates for an open role.”

The company and its CTO are rooted in Sarasota, one of The Corridor’s highest-ranked cities for employment opportunities according to a 2018 study.

Sarasota has provided a burgeoning landscape for entrepreneurial endeavors with a mix of technicians, entrepreneurs and angel investors who work and play well together. “We are close-knit, we go to happy hour together and all the local developers love to collaborate. It’s not competitive at all.” Kyle chalks this camaraderie up to cultural differences in Florida’s tech scene, an environment that is far less competitive than many other industry hubs.

Beyond the honor of recently being named CTO of Rewired Solutions, Kyle said of his accomplishments.

“I’ve recruited and trained more than a dozen software engineers who were not previously working in the field. The best example is someone I met at 7-Eleven when he was 20 years old; now, four years later, he’s one of our top engineers.”

Kyle’s belief in the development of others only highlights the obvious destiny of his role as a recruiting software developer. He has made recruitment a personal and professional goal – believing in those, like himself, who started with only curiosity, ambition and a love of learning.

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