For many American entrepreneurs, where you are from is not nearly as important as where you are going. This holds true especially for individuals originally born outside the United States, such as Founder and CEO of RB Advisory LLC Regine Bonneau.

As a child, the Haitian native and her family moved to New York City with hopes of achieving the “American Dream.”

“As natives of Haiti, my family knew that even the best opportunities in our home country couldn’t compare to what was waiting for us in America,” Regine shared. “My family and I were always extremely hard workers and we knew that in the United States, we had the opportunity to live a better life as a direct result of our hard work. Immigrating was a big risk, but one we were absolutely willing to take.”

Since arriving in the United States, Regine has been driven by her natural curiosity and zeal for learning. Taking advantage of the opportunities she was afforded as an American, Regine pursued three degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration and finance, as well as a master’s degree in law with a concentration in financial services. She is also fluent in four languages: English, Creole, Spanish and French.

“If I’m being honest, my career officially started at age 12 when I first fell in love with technology in my junior high computer programming class,” Regine shared. “That was where I first learned how to code and what sparked my interest in robotics and cyber technology. I found it so fascinating that I was able to create mechanical objects and then program them to complete different tasks and movements. After that, nothing electronic was safe. I fixed everything from the television to the radio to old printers laying around my house. Luckily my mom was supportive every step of the way.”

That freedom to innovate is what led Regine to where she is today. After more than 20 years leading financial services, including the risk management and compliance function, for employers in the health care, financial and energy sectors, Regine applied all she had learned to establish RB Advisory LLC.

“I started my company in 2016 when I came up with the idea to provide a new, holistic cyber risk management program to businesses that align with their initiatives,” Regine said.

“A colleague of mine encouraged me this was a great idea, and that gave me the motivation to try and pursue it. As a small business, resources are key, so I felt confident starting a business in The Corridor since I knew a network of resources and high tech talent would always be at my disposal.”

When Regine reflects on her journey as a United States immigrant and business owner, she can’t help but think about the village of people who supported her along the way. Today, Regine is committed to supporting others who may face similar challenges.

She serves as a board member for the National Association of Women Business Owners Orlando Chapter and Greatest Investment Girl’s Camp, and as an ambassador for #brainbabe, a thought leadership platform dedicated to increasing the hiring of women in cybersecurity and related technology professions.

“Orlando has provided me with so many opportunities and I want to ensure that I do my part to make it the next Silicon Valley,” Regine said.


“There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. We have the best young minds in technology, thanks to the quality of higher education available, and I want to ensure that my company is able to provide student innovators with a platform to showcase their talent here in The Corridor region.”


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