It all started at age 17, when Michael D. Moskal II was working alongside his father at CUBRC Inc. in Buffalo, New York. “It was kind of an internship and I remember we were preparing and managing different soil, water and fuel samples,” he sharedThe project was for the Environmental Protection Agency alongside the Department of Homeland Security and allowed him a front-row seat to the team’s work utilizing chemical and biological agents to contaminate samples that contractors would then evaluate using mobile laboratories to determine if they could detect the agents in the field. “That was my first real exposure to Department of Defense type work.

It is my dream to be where I am today.”

Michael earned his degrees while continuing to work on defense projects throughout the country. I have dedicated my life to defense work for the past 12 years.

Michael’s background and research culminated in his dissertation “Adaptive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Routing Methods for Tactical Surveillance Operations” and aligned well with the innovative research and work that high tech software company Modus Operandi contributes. Upon graduation, Michael relocated to Florida and began working for the company where he primarily focuses on missile defense and cyber situational awareness.

In addition to the work opportunity, the Space Coast appealed to himThere are a lot of good technical jobs here. I almost consider it to be the Silicon Valley of the East Coast, especially for defense and aerospace business, given the number of good startups and tech companies breaking into the market between Orlando and Tampa  the Space Coast is also ripe with great universities and a lot of good researchers.

Having worked with the Institute for Human & Machine Cognitionthe University of Central Florida and the Florida Institute of Technology to name a few, Michael feels it’s important to be connected to academia and believes that support structure coupled with great technology breeds success.


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