Florida’s booming agricultural industry has always been a major economic driver. The introduction of technology from innovators such as Tyler Hyatt has created the industry we know today as “agritechnology” and is helping farmers overcome common challenges to become even more successful.

Growing up in Winter Haven, Tyler was an aspiring animator. Today, he applies that aptitude to build software systems for the management of complex timekeeping structures related to farming.

Tyler’s foray into professional programming began 10 years ago by interning for ProPak Software. His proudest accomplishment, however, is founding Time Portal. While several cloud-based timekeeping programs tailored to the agricultural industry exist, Time Portal is set apart by its intricate, multiple job-tracking abilities that allow farmers to easily inventory personnel tasks and compensation rates.

Despite enabling more efficient management of agricultural projects and human resources, technology may pose a challenge for farmers who are used to analog practices, explained Tyler. Bridging this gap is another area where Time Portal excels. Tyler’s solution can easily be taught and implemented – even if, as Tyler has experienced, the end-user is not a native English speaker.

“My grandfather was a watermelon farmer. In fact, my whole family was in the farming business.” Tyler said.

“It is funny how life is full circle. Writing software is my specialty, but this industry has become my passion.”

A Florida native, Tyler appreciates the state’s agriculture sector and how it has evolved over the years. In the last decade alone, artificial intelligence and satellite technology have given farmers the ability to measure growth factors and better predict success. The result of this technological advancement has not only been a continued production of trademark commodities from Florida, such as orange juice, but also the contribution of approximately 2 million jobs and more than $104 billion to the local economy.

An entrepreneur in The Corridor’s agritechnology space, Tyler is thrilled to work in an area of high demand that also happens to be close to home. Every day, he helps farmers create something out of nothing to help grow this thriving industry.

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