There are unique defining moments that leave a lasting imprint and have been known to drive the brightest minds to pursue a certain field of study. That was the case with Derrick Sines, senior software engineer at Riptide Software.

There was the potential Y2K issue and also the dot com boom was going on,” Derrick said. “was interested in computer science and computer-related fields because I anticipated that upon graduation there would be a lot of opportunities and challenges with that.”

He was of course referring to the Year 2000 bug in which coding of computers and systems was projected to cause havoc around the world. While developers were able to get ahead of the issue, it was that buzz that inspired Derrick to pursue the computer science field.

Interviewing with a large defense contractor gave him an opportunity to blend that pursuit with a lifelong interest in the military. “I was impressed with the company and that’s what (ultimately) got me into the defense industry,” Derrick shared.

Having worked for Riptide Software for 11 years, Derrick has been applying his skills on Department of Defenserelated projects and using some of those software skills and hardware to improve live training ranges.

“Every day I come in and work with different technology stacks. I’m working with hardware one day and the next day I’m dealing with software, all the way up to user interfaces, and design and development of that, down to low-level firmware programming. I enjoy that variety and I also work with a great group of people here.


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