1. How do I get more involved with The Corridor Council?

Good news! Getting more involved with The Corridor Council is easy. We’re not a traditional membership organization, so there’s nothing to “join” and no fees. Simply select The Corridor Council program you’d like to support and connect with program directors directly for details.

Opportunities to get involved with The Corridor Council and our programs include:

  • Research grants. Our Matching Grants Research Program fosters applied research between high tech businesses and faculty and graduate students from our three universities to maximize budgets and bring products to market.
  • K-12 educational presentations. Our signature program, stemCONNECT, inspires middle school and high school students to pursue STEM careers by connecting them with professionals in the field. With online video conferencing tools, subject-matter experts from across the region offer presentations and tours of their workplaces to teach students how their classroom lessons could lead to high tech career opportunities in Florida.
  • News and social media subscriptions. To stay up-to-date on the latest news about high tech industry and economic development activity in The Corridor, subscribe to our email newsletters, or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Submit your news for publication to

While The Corridor Council doesn’t offer traditional memberships, we encourage businesses to become members of their local economic development council or chamber. Explore the counties in our region to discover your local membership organization.

2. My company is looking to expand or relate to Florida. Where do I start?

The best place to start is by contacting your industry’s business development manager at Enterprise Florida, the principal economic development organization for Florida. They will assess your business needs and provide guidance on expansion or relocation opportunities, including programs at the state and local levels to offset cost.

To learn more about The Corridor’s 23 counties and assets available to high tech businesses, explore this map of our region and links to connect with local economic developers.

3. How do I find a job in The Corridor?

Thank you for considering our region as the place for your next career move.

Read more about featured companies and current job openings in our “Careers in The Corridor” series, or check our each of the key sectors pages for links to companies, research institutes and professional associations where you can find more information about opportunities that match your unique skills. Additionally, networking with like-minded professionals in the groups listed on this page might open some doors.

CareerSource Florida is also a great resource for helping you locate and train for job opportunities. Staff works closely with job seekers to customize their search. Find your local team and search their jobs database at

If you are a student affiliated with one of our three research universities, we encourage you to connect with the career services office on your campus:

4. Where can I find investors for my startup?

The pre-eminent member-based, private equity, venture capital and angel capital organization in Florida, Florida Venture Forum is the ideal resource for companies seeking capital. Contact Florida Venture Forum for more information about its statewide programs, membership community and general questions about raising capital in Florida.

The Corridor region is also home to numerous pitch competitions. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events.

5. Can I submit an event to your calendar listing?

Yes. Please submit your event details to

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