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The market intelligence firm ABI Research estimates that revenue derived from augmented reality will have increased from $6 million in 2008 to more than $350 million by 2014. And these figures are just for handheld devices.

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February's Quote
"We make software prototyping really work for RF design."

Dr. Larry Dunleavy, President of Modelithics, in this month's Faces of Technology.

UF's Work on the Strawberry Genome-Sequence Will Lead to Better Fruit for Consumers

The University of Florida (UF) has conducted groundbreaking research on a topic that will affect consumers at a national level, and especially in sunny Florida. UF Scientists have successfully mapped the genome of a strawberry, making it easier to create new varieties and to assist in the prevention of harmful diseases.

This is an extremely significant finding for Florida residents, as the state grosses $338 million a year from the red berry. While it may take a few years for consumers to notice a drastic difference in the price and quality of strawberries, the research team and farmers alike agree that the crop will experience considerable improvements in taste, shelf life, pest control, and even fragrance.

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UCF Game 'Energizes' Climate Change Solutions

As the winner of the 2010 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge, the University of Central Florida's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy represents a new video game with real-world applications. The "Energize" game features a virtual city in which players can dictate use of renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric or solar power, and see the results.

The game has been praised not only for its ingenuity, but also for its responsibility in tackling an imposing environmental problem. As well as raising awareness of an important topic, team faculty adviser Ron Weaver states that "we felt that it [was] a genuinely fun and challenging game to play."

Those interested in playing the game can do so at The game promises to actively engage the user to better understand environmental problems and their applicable solutions.

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Construction Starts on Transformative USF Health Training Center

After six years of anticipation, USF officials began the groundbreaking process on a building that will affect health care students and officials not only in Tampa, but hopefully nationwide.

The USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation, or CAMLS, is planned to be a 90,000-square-foot, three-story facility with the goal of training medical personnel in advanced and complicated medical procedures such as minute laparoscopic surgery. Approximately 60,000 health care professionals are expected to visit yearly to update their knowledge in the growing field of medial technology, as well as teach future professionals. Having already invested more than $10 million in the building and its programs preceding the actual construction, many leading health care equipment companies, such as Symbionix, hope that the potential of the facility rings true. "Thousands of caregivers will come to Tampa each year to learn the future of health," USF President Judy Genshaft stated. "This will be a place where health care is created, learned, practiced and perfected."

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Information Technology
Amidst the growing field of information technology, companies can often find themselves becoming bogged down due to the unending flow of new information. However, major advances in the field have helped make businesses and everyday processes more and more efficient, and the companies in the Corridor are leading the way with new approaches to manage information.

According to the Education Portal, several Information Technologycolleges in the region have become top ranked locations for degrees in information technology. Among those mentioned include Valencia Community College for Computer Programming and Telecommunications, and the University of Central Florida for general Information Technology. Headquartered on the USF Polytechnic campus, the University of South Florida's IT Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) blending traditional computer science concepts into practical applications, and like most of the offerings for universities in the Corridor, online classes are available.

While the education sector continues to grow, business in information technology flourishes with new opportunity. Despite the current economic challenges facing the country, a brief overview of the job market shows surprising results for careers in information technology throughout the Corridor and the state of Florida. As shown by the state's Employ Florida Marketplace, more than 500 jobs have opened up just in the last 30 days for those looking to pursue a career in information technology, Web design, information health care, telecommunications, or information technology management.

Through the combined successes of education and the expanding job market, the growth of the Corridor's information technology division is undeniable. While the speed of development in the IT field can sometimes make it difficult to stay on top in this modern age, through the support of the community and continued contributions of all that are involved, the Corridor faces a bright future ahead.


Dr. Larry Dunleavy, President

Modelithics provides high-precision measurements and models for microwave/RF design simulation. It specializes in measurement-based modeling of RF and microwave components for semiconductor devices.

What's Hot: Modelithics' Dr. Larry DunleavyModelithics is really filling a niche in the industry where we make software prototyping really work for RF design.

Industry Trends: A trend in our industry is to not only rely on individual function components like a transistor or diode, but also to utilize complete amplifiers that can be dropped in. So we've also brought our modeling to that system component level.

What's new: To date, what we have focused on as a company is providing software products, and measurement and modeling services that help people that want do their own design, but not necessarily those people who want to do their own measurements. So in this type of opportunity, we compete in a market that makes sense in terms of providing products that have either some combination of performance and cost advantage over the traditional bench top instrumentation.

To view Larry Dunleavy's Faces of Technology video interview, visit


Tom Patton, Central Florida Development Council
This month's take a bow recognizes one of the many partners and volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the mission of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC): Tom Patton, executive director of the Central Florida Development Council.

As a past chair of the Marketing Committee, Tom has served as an avid supporter of FHTCC by promoting high tech growth in Polk County and helping to facilitate the internal efforts of the Council. Later this month, Tom will once again open up his offices to host a joint meeting between the Marketing and Workforce Committees.

For a separate gathering of CFDC board members, Tom prepared a presentation for Central Florida's community and business leaders covering the recommendations of Governor Scott's Economic Development Transition Team. Following a report from FHTCC President Randy Berridge, Tom offered a summary of the Transition Team's entire platform showcasing the importance of partnerships with area universities and businesses.

Tom's more than 15-year career in economic development in Washington and Florida have made him an invaluable asset in promoting the high tech industry in Florida's High Tech Corridor, and FHTCC thanks him for his dedication and support.

Faces of the Council

Leaders from diverse industries make up the Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) and serve as advisors and partners to FHTCC in its mission to grow high tech industry. This edition of Inside Florida's High Tech Corridor recognizes Council member George Gordon for his support.

In 2006, FHTCC Co-Chair and USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft appointed Gordon, chairman and CEO of Enporion, to the Council. In his time on the Council, he has proven to be a valuable and influential member, lending his vast knowledge and expertise in the field of information technology.

George got his start at the United States Naval Academy where he graduated and began to build his reputation in Internet business-to-business trading, eventually becoming a leader in communications technology. As the founder of IT companies Datamatix and SPD Technologies, which developed an e-commerce trading exchange and distributed interior communications systems in Navy combatant ships, George has brought experience that has proven helpful on not only a national level, but internationally as well.

Thanks to the support and guidance of Council members such as George, the prominence of the Florida High Tech Corridor continues to grow. FHTCC is grateful to have a dedicated business leader with such extensive experience as a regular contributor to the work and goals of the Council.


2011 Florida Venture Capital Conference Showcases State's Best Emerging Businesses
The annual Florida Venture Capital Conference returns this year with 20-25 of the best Florida-based private companies looking for venture capital funding. Hosted at the Western Diplomat Resort in Hollywood, Florida, the conference will take place February 3 and 4, and feature in-depth panel discussions that cover a wide variety of topics. Those looking to start a business or try their hand in the venture capital industry can hear presentations and seminars from national and regional business leaders.

Some presenting companies include:

  • Orlando-based Internet telecommunications company, Voxeo
  • Tampa-based photonics and diagnostic product platform generator, Field Forensics
  • Clearwater-based software management company, Footprints Logistics Systems
  • St. Petersburg-based, cost-effective mobile backhaul service, Tower Cloud Inc.
  • Tampa-based German autostereoscopic solutions developer, Tridelity 3D North America

As advance registration is preferred, those wishing to take part in the conference should sign up quickly.

For more information, visit

Space Coast's Diverse Industry Base Positions Region to Tackle NASA Transition Challenges
The impending retirement of the Space Shuttle will undoubtedly have an effect on the local economy of Florida's Space Coast and present challenges for displaced workers across the state. The EDC of Florida's Space Coast is addressing these challenges and more in a strategy designed to aid Space Coast business, political, and community leadership with sharing messages to stakeholders about the region's assets in other technology clusters and the planning underway to prepare for these changes.

The EDC's strategy provides messages showcasing Brevard County's diverse economy and expanding clusters that include aerospace and aviation, advanced communications, electronics, homeland security and national defense, and emerging technologies. The strategy has compiled studies such as Milken Institute's findings that cite that Brevard has the most concentrated high tech economy in Florida and the 16 most concentrated in the nation. As well, in 2010, TechAmerica Foundation's Cybercities report found that Palm Bay-Melbourne was one of only a handful of U.S. cities to add high tech jobs in the midst of recession and has one of the highest concentrations of tech industry workers.

For more information, visit

Florida Chamber Foundation Seeking New Volunteers for Six Pillars Caucus System
The Florida Chamber Foundation's Six Pillars Caucus System, a qualitative research program aimed at developing a long-term strategic plan for the state, is currently seeking volunteers who can take on a leadership role while showing expertise and commitment aligned to one of the company's six core pillars: Talent Supply and Education, Innovation and Economic Development, Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, Business Climate and Competitiveness, Civic and Governance Systems, and Quality of Life and Quality Places.

Caucus members will meet in-person, twice a year or through regular engagement via the Six Pillars collaborative website to provide a continuous source for insight and feedback related to the development of the state's 2030 strategic plan. Applicants will be considered from small businesses and large corporations both in the public and not-for-profit sectors. All background information must be submitted online by February 11.

For more information, visit

TRDA Launches Clean Tech Initiative
Entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Corridor can now access helpful business resources through Clean Tech Ventures, a program supported by the State of Florida in conjunction with the Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) to help new and emerging renewable/clean energy start-ups receive the help they need.

The initiative promises grants, intensive business monitoring, technology assistance and networking among many other valuable tools to help transform businesses into successful enterprises. To kick off this new program, TRDA will be hosting a Clean Technology Showcase in 2011 to promote participating start-ups' new technologies to the professional public communities, as well as assess existing technological products, and offer counsel to those desiring to apply for the initiative program.

The application deadline has been extended to February 11.

For more information, or to determine eligibility, visit

Florida to Serve as Test Market for Nissan Electric Car
The newest all-electric vehicle is looking to the sunshine Nissan Leafstate to test the markets during tour spots as part of the Drive Electric Tour sponsored by the 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF in partnership with Progress Energy. Four stops are planned for Florida, including the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando from February 4-6 and Tampa's International Plaza from February 11-13. Florida is one of 10 states chosen for the tour as Nissan considers an early rollout for the vehicle.

This opportunity serves as another example of Florida driving the sustainable energy trend. Just last year, Ford Motor Company unveiled their Escape-style hybrid car at UCF, using the university's new solar-powered electric vehicle charging facility as the backdrop for the announcement.

For more information or to schedule a test drive, visit

ExporTech Program Helps Companies Expand International Sales
On February 22-23, the Florida MEP and the US Export Assistance Centers in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL are offering a two-day workshop to help companies expand their international sales. This two-day workshop will combine expert speakers, small group discussions - and real world company research on what separates the most successful exporters from the rest - to help answer key strategic questions about how to grow your business in Latin America. The program format, involving small group discussions and the ability to tailor your agenda to meet your needs, ensures that you can apply what you have learned to your own business.

For more information, visit or contact Winnie Grebey at 321-939-4001 or email


Corridor Universities Ranked as Top Tier Research Schools by the Carnegie Foundation
All three Corridor universities-the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida, and the University of Florida-rank among prestigious universities such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins, receiving the "very high" classification for research by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This honor places the aforementioned universities (in no particular order) among a list of 108 that are in the nation's top tier for research technology. Behind California, New York and Massachusetts, Florida has the most universities ranked on this list.

The entire list is available online at

FHTCC's techPATH Engages Sebring Students for First Math & Physics Day Held in Highlands County
With the huge demand for high-skilled, knowledge and technology jobs in this current economy, there is a critical need to provide aFHTCC techPATH strong foundation in math and science for future generations. Florida High Tech Corridor Council's workforce initiative, techPATH, has focused its efforts on showcasing the importance of math and science through special programs in partnership with Corridor schools. Last month, techPATH hosted a Math & Physics Day workshop with South Florida Community College (SFCC) for Sebring Middle School students-the first such program held in Highlands County. President Norm Stephens graciously hosted the program on SFCC's campus and kicked off the presentations for the students. Through hands-on science experiments and simulation demonstrations, more than 30 students learned about the importance of science education and about the kinds of careers available in high tech fields.

Chris Steinocher Joins St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce as CEO
Chris Steinocher assumed the position of president and chief executive officer of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. Steinocher previously served as COO and vice president of marketing and business development at the Tampa Bay Partnership and was a past chair of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council's Marketing Committee.

STAR TEC Partnership with USF Expands Incubator
STAR Technology Enterprise Center (TEC), an organization focused on the growth and development of entrepreneurial, technology-based businesses, is collaborating with the University of South Florida to combine the capabilities of both organizations' incubation programs and serve growing and emerging tech businesses in the Tampa Bay region. STAR TEC will join USF's Tampa Bay Technology Incubator Network and the USF CONNECT program, making available STAR TEC's mentorship network and providing opportunities for research partnerships with USF faculty and STAR TEC clients.

Florida High Tech Corridor Council Member Joins Florida FIRST Executive Advisory Board
SAIC Senior Vice President and Florida High Tech Corridor Council Member Beverly Seay will lend her experience and counsel to the Florida FIRST Executive Advisory Board. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a statewide science program that engages students in engineering competitions.

Florida Hospital, Sanford-Burnham and Takeda Initiate Obesity Research Partnership
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute at Lake Nona, Florida Hospital and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited commemorated their new research alliance on January 31st with a signing ceremony filled with Japanese tradition. Representatives from each organization met in Orlando for scientific meetings, but first gathered to ceremonially sign the agreement and exchange gifts in keeping with Japanese business culture. The two-year, collaborative agreement includes research to discover and evaluate new therapeutic approaches to obesity, a growing worldwide health problem. For Takeda, a global pharmaceutical company, this collaboration represents one of the largest and most ambitious discovery research partnerships that it has conducted with the not-for-profit sector.

Calendar of Events

The following events are taking place across the Corridor's 23-county region or in the surrounding area:

Techbyte Luncheon
Presented by: Suncoast Technology Forum
Tuesday, Feburary 15, 12 to 1 p.m.
Polo Grill and Bar, 10670 Boardwalk Loop, Lakewood Ranch
For event information, visit

Florida Companies to Watch Awards Event
Presented by: GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida, and ACG Florida, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation
Thursday, February 17
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, 9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando
For event information, visit

Phase I SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation Workshop
Presented by: Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA)
Friday, February 18, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
United Space Alliance LLC, NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot, Bldg. 1, 8550 Astronaut Blvd., Conf. Room 462, Cape Canaveral
For event information, visit

Presented by: Florida MEP and the US Export Assistance Centers
Tuesday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 23, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Courtyard Marriott Cocoa Beach, 3435 N. Atlantic Ave. (A1A), Cocoa Beach
For event information, visit

Second-Annual Aviation & Aerospace Manufacturing Summit - Thriving in Global Markets: 2011 and Beyond
Presented by: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Center for Aviation and Aerospace Leadership (CAAL)
Wednesday through Friday, February 23-25
Disney's BoardWalk Inn, 2101 N. Epcot Resorts Blvd., Lake Buena Vista
For event information, visit

MD&M Florida Southern Regional Series Exposition and Conference
Presented by: Medical Design & Manufacturing Florida
Wednesday and Thursday, March 16-17
Orange County Convention Center, 9800 International Dr., Orlando
For event information, visit


Syniverse Completes $2.6 Billion Acquisition by the Carlyle Group
Florida Technology Journal

Tampa based Syniverse Technologies, a business solutions company for the global telecommunications industry, has recently completed a $2.6 billion acquisition deal with the global alternative asset managing company, the Carlyle Group. Syniverse stockholders are expected to greatly profit from the business venture.

For the full article, click here or visit

Energetiq Announces High-Efficiency, Fiber-Coupled Output on Laser Driven Light Source
The Bradenton Herald

Electrodeless in operation, Energetiq's new laser-driven technology in the EQ-99FC provides ultra-long lamp life - greater than 10 times the lifetime of traditional electrode-driven lamps.

For the full article, click here or visit

Orlando 'Medical City' a Model of Lab's Potential
Herald Tribune
By Michael Pollick

In a barren area once dedicated solely to cattle comes a newly proposed medical building from Jackson Laboratories that could change the face of Orlando's biomedical sector. Already home to the University of Central Florida School of Medicine and UCF's Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, the Medical City promises to be a strong economic developer through its $400 million Nemours Children's Hospital and the $600 million Veterans Affairs Medical Center, $2 billion construction plan, and 5,000 proposed jobs.

For the full article, click here or visit



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